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  About us

SALIN INTERNATIONAL was created as a result of the alliance between a Chinese and a French CEO. In 2008, we set up our company in Hong Kong. This location gives us a leading position in an exceptional economic environment.

In 2011, we built up the Agro department - SALIN AGRO GROUP, to use our expertise in order to answer your needs on 4 main aspects of agricultural sector:  “Plough, Cultivate, Management, and Harvest.

“Plough”: Tillers could be used in all kinds of farmlands. Tiller is our hot product.

This light weight, small size product has a small diesel or gasoline engine and a simple structure. Tiller is widely used on plains, mountains, hills, dry land, paddy fields, orchards and so on. It characteristics makes it easy to manoeuver even in the field and convenient to store compare to a large agricultural machine. This enables it to be use in Mountain areas which make it the best choice to replace cattle ploughing.

 “Cultivate”:  Planting and fertilizer machines are suitable for a variety of crops; they improve and ensure the high survival of seeds and therefore a higher yield.


“Management”: Sprayer is our main product. This resistant and economical product is really convenient to manage the farmland or gardens by spraying out a fine mist with adjustable drop size. Good long-term value

It is a must in the prevention and control of agricultural pests and can also be used for sanitary or cleaning purposes (room sanitizer, cleaning furniture or glass…)It can be filled by a wide range of liquid such as perfumes, cleaning agents, detergents, detergent spray,


“Harvest”: The agricultural harvester greatly improves the efficiency of food harvesting with small cutters, large combine harvesters, etc. The small one is adapted to micro farmland, the large one is perfect for larger scale farms.

Salin AGRO GROUP is specialized in:

- Modern agriculture related with equipment, machinery and accessories

(Currently the main products are all kinds of Sprayer, Agricultural Machine, Garden Machine, Irrigation and Breeding Equipment, etc.)

- Individual working protection products

 (Gloves, protective clothing, goggles, labor protection shoes, masks, raincoats, etc.)

- Pesticide & Veterinary drugs & Fertilizers

 (Focus on the promotion of a variety of new pharmaceutical &fertilizers, respected environmental bio-drugs, etc.)


With our expertise in international trade in the agricultural sector, we commit ourselves to answer all your needs by giving you reliable and customized solutions.


Our goas are clear and firm:

- Give you a long-term advance on the agricultural sector by ensuring you the best quality and the customer service to use our products.

- Share our trade experience in Europe, Africa and China to ensure you the most professional and rigorous import-export services.

- Long-term cooperation with international inspection agencies (eg SGS, Bureau Veritas) which provide a strict control of our suppliers’ factories to ensure the highest quality of our products.


In the face of China's diversified products and its wealth of raw materials procurement area, we guarantee you "the best price - the best quality - the best service" to meet your needs!


FRANCE SALIN INTERNATIONAL is looking forward to working with you and develop a  long-term cooperation!