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  Trade Service

We supply all the services you need to export from China/Asia, such as sourcing, guiding,translation,purchasing,

quality control& inspection, document preparation, custom declaration, shipping etc. And we could assist you

to set up a series of business in any places of China/Asia.Therefore, believe us that we would like to be your

honest, economic, reliable and long-term partner in China/Asia.

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    Sourcing service. We have widely factory network, we know local market in deep; you could afford commodities with factory price.

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    Inspection service. We provide : pre-shipment inspection, process inspection, production monitoring, loading inspection, factory audit, and also quality standards etc.

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    Translation service. We provide free translation service for customers to visit market, factory and fairs in China.

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    Shipping service. We could offer our clients a competitive shipping price base of several reliable freight forwarders partners.

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    Sample service. We cooperate with some carrier companies such as DHL, Fedex and TNT etc. So we could provide samples according to your requirement at any time.

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    Logistics services. We own a professional logistics team. Therefore, we will provide professional services for you

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    Payment service. Since our good reputation in the bank, we accept TT or LC payment accordingly.