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  Grain Harvester



Model: SLJ-100

Power:100 hp


Function:Wheat,grain and soybeans harvest

This type combine harvester is equipped with one threshing cylinder, With longer and wider track,it works very fast,make high purity of grain.the machine is easy for operation (HST lever) and maintenance, it is a safety and energy-saving machine.


Model: 4LZ-5.0Z
Type: Full-feed, Track Combine
Application: Grain,Wheat, Corn,Soy bean
Weight (kg) 3420
Feeding Capacity( kg/s ) 5
Harvesting Capacity(hm²/h) 0.27-0.54
Grain storing tank Unloading with 360° unloading auger
capacity 1500L
Overall Dimension(mm) Length 5180
Width 2585
Height 2720
Engine Type Water-Cooled, 4-Cylinder, DI-Injection, Vertical Diesel.
Rated power(kW) 73/100
Rated Rotation Speed (rpm) 2400
Fuel Tank Capacity ( L ) 105
Driving System Rubber Track(mm) 500 x 90 x 51
Min. Ground Clearance (mm) 310
Type of Gearbox Hydraulic+ HST(3F, 3R)
Operating Speed ( km/h ) 24
Type of Brake By Foot.
Steering Clutch and Brake
Cutting header Pickup Reel Type--Eccentric Tooth;
Nos: 5
Diameter( mm ) 944
Height Adjustment Hydaulics
Cutting Bar Length ( mm ) 2000
Type of Header Auger Telescopic Screw Conveying
Type of Blade V Type / Left and Right
Rape Seed Extension Optional
Threshing & Separating& Cleaning System Threshing Cylinder Size Diameter × Length ( mm ) 626×2000
Concave Sieve Grid x 4
Fan Type: Swirl;
Diameter( mm ): 405;
 Nos: 4
Vibrating Sieve:   Adjustable Sieve